HTML Editing in Fossil: Tickets, Wiki, Comments & Events

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imageDo you want to use an HTML editor in Fossil, would like semantically correct code that is sanitized appropriately, but don’t want to clutter up your repository with useless javascript, css, and image files? Well, here’s a guide especially for you!

If you’re only interested in the skin configuration for the solution (including the ‘google code’ type styling in use on my repositories), jump here. If you’re interested in integrating things into your own skin, download this zip file, and then follow through the tutorial!
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Highlighting Code & Diffs in Fossil’s UI

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highlight.jsIn a previous post and associated email on the fossil-users list, I had promised a write-up of how to get nice diff highlighting. Considering how long ago I wrote that post, I think it is obvious I might have forgotten about it. A recent email chain on the same list snapped me out of it. Thanks to this response to my original fossil styling tutorial on the user list, you will find a simple solution that doesn’t require committing anything to your fossil repository that will highlight your source code and your diffs.

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Fossil-SCM: Working GUI-ingly in Windows

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A while ago, I wrote about WinFossil, a Fossil GUI for Windows. Personally, I didn’t mind a command line interface (I generally use cygwin), but if I wanted to use Fossil at my lab instead of SVN, the other users would need to have some form of nice clickable windowed goodness to use. WinFossil is just such a GUI, and it works well! I’m really impressed by it, and wanted to give users a flavor for it.

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Setting Fossil up with Style

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imageThe default Fossil style is, to me, a bit old-school, and not in the good way. You can see an example of it at this repository. While there are several options for skins available, and the best of these is the one used by the main Fossil page, I was looking for something a little more modern.

After a trusty round trip to Google, I found that another user, Dmitry @ Coding Robots that had created a style based on Google. Perfect! He was even kind enough to send me his settings as he uses them in Fossil. Thanks Dmitry!

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Fossil-SCM: A Distributed Version Control System

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Fossil-SCMFor the past week, I have been playing with and moving my project repositories to Fossil, a distributed version control system created and used by the SQLite project. I have used git at home, and svn at work, and they have their benefits. For my own projects, at least, I needed something more.

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